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The World is Ending… AGAIN

Why do we love apocalyptic fiction so much?  I don’t know, but we do, and I love writing it. A probably unhealthy number of the stories in my idea file deal with the end of the world in one form or another.  Perhaps its because the apocalypse offers so many possibilities for regular people to become unexpected heroes.  My latest project is no exception.  I say ‘latest’, but really this is an idea I’ve had in outline form for years now, I just recently wrote the opening chapter.  That is sort of a pivotal point… once I’ve committed actual narrative to an idea, it becomes ‘real’ to me.  It crosses over from an idea to a ‘project’… something I’m actually committed to finishing someday.  As with my other apocalyptic stories (like The Bolachek Journals), the hero is an ‘average person’ who finds himself thrust into the role of being the world’s savior.  In the Journals, I explored how an MIT engineering student might apply his unique skills toward saving humanity from a zombie apocalypse.  In this new project, a middle aged project manager must use his organizational skills to save humanity from… well, how about you read on and find out what.