Zen and the Art of Remembering Passwords

Today I had to log into a server I haven’t logged into for some time, and I couldn’t remember the password. After four failed attempts, I knew the next one would lock out my IP address. It’s a server I used to log into often, so it’s a password I’ve typed many times. I decided to to try something. Hands on the keyboard, I let my mind go blank. I didn’t think about the password, I just filled my mind with the intent to log in. I brought myself back to that time when I used that server frequently, when logging into it was a routine thing. I let my fingers move.

And it worked! I was in. But here is the really funny thing…

I still don’t know what the password is.


  1. Ian R Buck

    I’ve done that kind of thing before! Only not the last part; that’s incredible.

    1. Thad (Post author)

      As one of my friends on Facebook pointed out, I probably should have just typed into a text editor. Instead, once I was in, I updated the password to a new one. It was long overdue.


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