Rule the World!

Given the popularity of my Mad Scientist Wisdom aphorisms both at open mic at Nerdcon Stories and with the Superliminal Suggestion Backpack at Teslacon 7, I’ve decided to create a website as a permanent home for the Wisdom.  I’ll also use it as a place to document geeky science related projects and the like.  Head on over and check it out.  It doesn’t have a comment section, so if you see anything that needs fixing or just want to make general comments, this post will be the home for that.  I hope you enjoy it.

Together, we will rule the world!  😉


  1. J R in WV


    I just finished your short novel, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Vespa’s don’t have steering columns, they have handlebars, or at least they did in the long ago when I had one in the Mobile AL area when I was 19 and in the Navy. Mine didn’t have a “cargo compartment” either, but I have seen some scooters with something like that under the seat.

    Some of the inspired weirdness you use to save your attractive protagonists from time to time seem a little – miraculous maybe, especially the 3rd time or so, but that’s not uncommon either.

    I’m a retired software developer, I started with mainframes and VAX clusters and wound up using Oracle DB and distributed Windows and web apps. Mostly for environmental regulatory systems, so your plot struck home hard! Let me know if you have further adventures of these guys, I can relate a little.

    Keep up the good work, Happy Holidays!!

    1. Thad (Post author)

      Hi, thanks for the feedback! This is exactly the type of thing I’m looking for. I’m currently doing another pass at editing in preparation for adaptation to an audio drama, and your comments already have me thinking about some changes I might make.

      It sounds like our software roots are not too dissimilar. I started out on a Vax mainframe, then tinkered around on an early generation Apples II, only to return to mainframes in college. The rise of the commercial Internet launched me into my own business… I now mostly develop embedded software/hardware running Linux or Android. I was an early contributor to Linux and FreeBSD, so it’s pretty cool to see the Open Source stuff I used to tinker on for free become a multi-billion dollar industry and source of endless consulting work.

      Thanks again for the comments, and enjoy your holiday. 🙂


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