Monthly Archive: August 2016

The World is Ending… AGAIN

Why do we love apocalyptic fiction so much?  I don’t know, but we do, and I love writing it. A probably unhealthy number of the stories in my idea file deal with the end of the world in one form or another.  Perhaps its because the apocalypse offers so many possibilities for regular people to become unexpected heroes.  My latest project is no exception.  I say ‘latest’, but really this is an idea I’ve had in outline form for years now, I just recently wrote the opening chapter.  That is sort of a pivotal point… once I’ve committed actual narrative to an idea, it becomes ‘real’ to me.  It crosses over from an idea to a ‘project’… something I’m actually committed to finishing someday.  As with my other apocalyptic stories (like The Bolachek Journals), the hero is an ‘average person’ who finds himself thrust into the role of being the world’s savior.  In the Journals, I explored how an MIT engineering student might apply his unique skills toward saving humanity from a zombie apocalypse.  In this new project, a middle aged project manager must use his organizational skills to save humanity from… well, how about you read on and find out what.


Yet Another Vanity Blog

Hey, look… I’ve got a new blog! For some reason Facebook has been very uncooperative lately when it comes to posting large amounts of text, and I am nothing if not verbose, so I decided to finally stop procrastinating and launch  This is by no means the first website or even blog I’ve created.  Aside from my corporate website that has been around since the early Jurassic era of the Internet, I’ve also created The Bolachek Journals blog (dedicated to my particular take on apocalyptic zombie fiction) and (more dedicated to writing in general).  Then of course there is a ridiculous number of inactive to semi-active domains that I’m currently camping on for a multitude of back-burnered projects.  Someone please invent radical life extension technology so I can find time enough to implement all my crackpot ideas.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting on social media, but often those posts will point back to this blog. I’ll also probably post something here when any of my other project specific websites are updated… so if you are a fan, my secret nemesis, or just a random cyberstalker, this is the place to stay on top of what I’m doing.  Of course if you really want to stay informed, you can also join my mailing list.  Don’t worry, it’s a low traffic list, and I don’t share it with anyone (so no spam).  Mostly you will get an email only when I’ve released a new story or video game or the like.

So with that out of the way, what sort of stuff will I be posting here?  Pretty much the same stuff I’ve already been posting to Facebook and elsewhere on the web… snippets of stories, entire serialized novels, musings on the craft of writing, discussion of indie video game development, pictures of our warehouse/loft renovation, descriptions of RV living, and the occasional political rant.  You’ve been warned.

That’s all for now.  Coming soon: A book review of ‘The Geek Feminist Revolution’, a ‘State of the Race’ presidential poll analysis, and a sneak peak at the first chapter of one of my upcoming novels.